Holidays with the Straws – in photos

by beckystraw on January 2, 2012

Nothing is more exhilarating than traveling for the holidays. For me, that meant a layover in Vegas – which, in my mind, meant that the slots were now part of my fundraising plan. But when we landed, the stewardess announced that all passengers flying to San Francisco should just stay seated. I turned to my neighbor, and asked, “Aren’t we supposed to leave at 3 pm?”

He responded, “No, we land in SF at 3.”

I guess my ten lbs of quarters would to have to wait. I decided to call Jody.

About 30 minutes in, new passengers started to flood in, and soon after, and man with a huge bag leaned over and said, “Maam, you’re in my seat.”

I moved the phone away from my mouth, like most impolite people who talk on phones in public places, and said, “What? No, I am in 19C.” As a dug through my purse for my ticket.

Then it hit me. I am on the wrong plane.

I hung up on Jody.

The only thing worse than realizing you are on the wrong plane, is realizing that they just announced that all rows could board, and suddenly, there are 100 people cramming their luggage down the aisle, struggling to jam them overhead.

“Excuse me” didn’t work. Everyone thought I was trying to take their precious carry-on space. So finally I resorted to yelling, “I’m on the wrong plane!” Which, actually, was a good idea for getting people to move, but a bad idea in terms of security.

A startled man yelled back, “How did they let you on, then?!”

I didn’t want to say, “Because I’m an idiot, and didn’t get off the last one!” So instead I went with, “I don’t know what happened! So weird, right?!” And then turned into that crazy person who climbs on the armrests, upstream, hitting everyone in the row with my purse filled with 10 lbs of quarters.

At the ticket counter I explained that JFK didn’t give me a boarding pass for my 3 pm flight, and she said, “Wait! This plane has a no-show. It’s about to leave, but here, let me get you on THIS flight!”

“Um, this plane I was just on?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed, as if she’d just saved my day. “But you have to run.”

Row 20C. Exactly one row behind where I was originally. If there’s such a thing as a walk of shame for flights, then that’s what I did. All the people I had just pushed out of my way, were now staring in contempt. One guy yelled, “Oh, you again.”

Happy Holidays!


Christmas Eve Tradition: After church, of course.

Dinner with the Bergen Family. They usually create a ruckus.


Trying to remain professional.

Before we do our traditional, faux-dashian pose.

This ones a bit blurry, from my mom laughing. Or her drinking...

Night wouldn't be complete without my dad modeling his gift from his mom - a battery-operated table runner. A QVC bestseller.

It called for a Russian jig.

Hang out with the high school friends. Love them.

As Christine put it, it's her time to hang out with the girls who wear cardigans.

They surprised me with a cake. Which Melissa said, the green blob is either a balloon, or a sperm. Which is great, seeing as I have neither.

No holiday is complete without a trip to the hospital. It was my mom's turn (she's fine). She told us she needed to go into surgery to have a benign tumor removed, the size of a grapefruit. My dad first response, "A Safeway-sized grapefruit, or Whole Foods?" Everything went fine, but not without a church email going out that read (verbatim), "Becky, Hanna and Jim are home. None of them cook." That email was crack to Methodist women everywhere. We're going to have to open a soup kitchen next week.




  • Jim Straw

    …And you wonder why we make you take the BART Train from the Airport ?

  • Rebecca

    I just want to thank you for blogging this. I laughed so hard through the entire post. I needed a little pick me up this morning.

  • angie

    Oh man, your plane trip had me on the edge of my seat! What a crazy fiasco! :) Glad you were able to make it as (somewhat) planned ;) New reader here. Happy New Year to you!

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