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I grew up in California with two amazing parents, two younger sisters & a dog named Lucky. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I thought my life was perfect until I got the travel bug in college. I toured the major monuments before heading off-the-beaten-path to volunteer with orphans in rural Romania. Realized just how blessed I was, & decided to dedicate my life to finding solutions to end global poverty.

So I went back to school and got my Master’s in International Social Welfare & Social Enterprise from Columbia University. I then spent three years helping to launch charity: water from couch to conference room.  I am now working on, The Adventure Project, a nonprofit adding venture (moola) to support social enterprises around the world. Proud to be launching it with my amazing Co-Founder, Jody Landers.

I’ve traveled the world, seen solutions that work & believe everyone wants to invest wisely to help others. I’m building a tribe of people who share my vision; that there are low-cost, high-impact solutions that can transform communities. It’s about creating jobs and dignity. It’s fixing bottlenecks and supporting a consumer demand for services and products that save lives.

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  • Kelly

    Hi–I read a lot of books on International Development work. Do you have any favorites related to what you studied with your master’s degree at Columbia? I’ve read some on social enterprise as development but I’d like to read more. Thanks!

  • Chris

    Hi Becky,

    My name is Chris Cook. I spent almost all my teenage years living in Central America with my family investing passionately every day to help the poor, sick and oppressed. My parents are still there. I returned to my birthplace in the US for university and then entered the high-tech world. The awareness of incredible need and the deep calling to help others still burns within me.

    I have a social networking concept I’m developing that could completely reshape how charities are funded and disrupt fundamental business models across multiple industries. I would love to talk with you briefly regarding this concept. I’m not looking for money, only for insight and a connection with someone dedicated to the same goal. I know you must be as busy as I am (or even more), but I read your story and felt super compelled to reach out to you. I hope something inside you also resonates and moves you to respond.


    • http://www.beckystraw.com beckystraw

      Thanks Chris! I’ll email you. Appreciate the comment and for reaching out! Sounds like you’re up to great things.

  • https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/JCI-Mejametalana/163441377050053 Refiloe M

    Hi Becky,

    I read about your good work, and I must say I see myself in you in so many ways even though I still have a mountain to climbe. Im from a least developed country Lesotho. please check out our facebook page that I pasted to see what we are already doing.
    About what I believe and why i want to join Adventure Projects;
    I want to add value to human life in more ways than none.
    To help to provide development opportunities for young people to develop the leadership skills, Social responsibility and fellowship necessary that empower young people to create positive change with sustanable solutions, Economically and Enviromentally.
    Im iterested in becoming an Adventure Chapter leader but could not register as the web complains about my phone, I dont know if its able to detect that continets differ with phones as mine is only 8 digits or it was a technical error. please contact me on the email as I think you will love my aproach to solutions

  • http://none JULIUS

    Hi Beky,
    I read about your commitment to help people and I’m wondering if you can extend your passionate heart to my rural village here,poverty is rampant,orphans,the sick,the poor are negelected.No non profit helping.If you can be of help welcome to remotes areas of rift valley,where no electricity,runing water,tarmac road,hospital etc and help the Masai community,we need people like you-welcome, jkworld2000@gmail.com.

    • http://www.beckystraw.com beckystraw

      Hey jk – thanks for finding me! We are working in Kenya. I will reach out via email for more details.

  • Jenn

    You are amazing Becky! If I’ve ever truly had a hero, aside from my parents, I think it’s gotta be you! :) you’re going to change the world!

  • amanda

    as one of your biggest fans im incredibly excited … that i made it into this photo collage :)

  • http://angelafrancine.wordpress.com angela francine

    i’m so glad that i just found this site.
    and you are as inspiring as ever!

    • http://beckystraw.wordpress.com becky

      Thanks Angela! Love your blog too. What did you use to embed a slideshow gallery?